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Bicycling is an eco-friendly form of transportation that involves using human power. Many people want to bicycle for transportation, but due to bad weather such as rain and snow, safety issues such as personal safety, lack of cargo space etc. - lead to people not using bicycle for transportation. The solution is a velomobile.
A velomobile is a recumbent bicycle with an Aerodynamic shell. It can be electrically assisted.
Most velomobile are not made for practical use and are made for speed and to make world records. These velomobiles are very aerodynamic and have to be used in a sleeping position. Most of these velomobiles are not produced and sold commercially. Velomobile is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation as you have to pedal. A practical, electrically assisted velomobile, would provide protection from the elements. At the same time, it would promote bicycling. This will make the user healthier. Some velomobiles, also have cargo spaces, to carry cargo such as groceries. They have a motor to provide throttle and electrical assistance. Overall, a velomobile is a good option for transportation.
We want to build a human powered vehicle that is practical, convenient, safe, eco friendly. Bicycles are an eco friendly mode of transportation, though this form of transportation has its drawbacks. It's hard to luggage in a bicycle. You are not protected from the elements. What if you get tired in middle of your journey in a bicycle? These issues can be solved by mixing the best features of electric car and bicycle.

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A Pedal based Electric Vehicle

Physical Features

The Carycle has the best features of a Bicycle and Electric Car
The Carycle is as comfortable as a car
The Carycle has motors for electrical assistance.
The Carycle has a luggage compartment for carrying luggage.
The Carycle has Pedals for pedalling.
The Carycle is able to carry 2 people, in addition to cargo
The Carycle has 4 wheels
The Carycle uses the mechanisms of a quadricycle
The Carycle is compact for bike paths
The Carycle uses battery swapping as a Charging method
The Carycle has an extensive Sharing network in small cities
The Carycle has flexible biodegradable plastic materials
The Carycle uses joystick like controls
The Carycle has seatbelts
The Carycle is made of modules which are interchangeable
The Carycle has a self assembly version
The Carycle has a hub motor chainless drive

Business Features

The Carycle should be classified as e-bike
The Carycle has a tricycle version
The Carycle has a version for the vegetable and fruit vendors
The Carycle has a a version for educational institutions
The Carycle has a version for villages
The Carycle uses locally available materials as far as possible
The Carycle has a rental system of Carycles through the cities.
The Carycle minimises imported materials.
The Carycle is more expensive than a bicycle but is much cheaper than a car
The Carycle has an extensive Sharing network in small cities
The Carcycle works in a circular economy.

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Environmentally Friendly Features

The Carycle is more eco friendly than a car. The Carycle promotes bicycling for short distance travels and commutes
The Carycle has developed efficient and environmentally friendly batteries
The Carycle uses recycled materials like metals and plastics
The Carycle has solar power. The Carycle uses the most efficient solar panels that are possible in terms of price
The Carycle has regenerative braking, with batteries which recharge from regenerative braking.
The Carycle also leverages eco-friendly materials such as hemp composites
The Carycle has modular components, to be adapted to requirements, except the chassis. It is manufactured in small units throughout the market.

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